Because this week is all about mom, let's take a look what her favourite flowers might say about her


As expected, roses are associated with passion and beauty. If mom loves to receive roses then she is most certainly a beautiful woman and does not shy away from a tough conversation. Each colour of rose has a different meaning. A yellow rose can symbolize new beginnings and lavender rose symbolizes a new found love (oh la la). Try and impress her by putting lots of thought into which colour of roses you get her this year.


Lilacs are known to represent being youthful so no doubt, mom has an energy and vibrancy about her. Her skin glows and when she walks into the room everybody becomes noticeably happier. She has that effect on people.


If this is moms favourite flower then she just might be the life of the party. She encourages the adventure inside of you and makes you feel like you can do anything. If you are at a party and people are laughing, mom is most likely at that center of that.


Whether or not Petunias are your moms favourite flower, we recommend getting Petunias for the mom that you may not see enough. Maybe mom lives a bit far away. You can tell her that you have gotten her Petunias because you miss her and you wish you could spend more time with her.

Let us know in the comment section below if any of this is true about your mom, or if you have any other flower stories that relate to mom