The Three Kinds of May Two-Four Gardeners

The three kinds of May Two-Four gardeners, and how they probably approach this weekend:

(Attention: this article is satirical)

Yes, Victoria Day, the May two-four long weekend, the unofficial beginning of cottage season. It’s the weekend that makes every hard working and borderline psychotic Canadian say to themselves, “winter isn’t so bad”. It is the weekend that we are all able to take those first deep breaths of freshly cut grass, and maybe enjoy a few beverages with people that you hopefully call your friends.Despite the common relief brought upon the by the May two-four long weekend, we are not all made a-like. So with that being said, let’s take a look at the three types of May Two-Four gardeners.

The Beer Drinker

Our first gardener on the list values efficiency above all else, and we boldly classify you as the beer drinker. This gardener loves a beautiful yard like everyone else, but the sooner the gardening is over with, the sooner you can get to sitting in your yard of glory, turning on your BBQ, and cracking open a beer. For you we dedicate a list of tips to speed things up this weekend.


  • Buy pre-assembled flower arrangements which typically don’t have to be planted. These could include potted arrangements or hanging baskets
  • If you are planting veggies, you can purchase pre-spaced strips of seeds. These can placed in your garden, covered in soil, and with daily watering will be ready before you know it.
  • Take advantage of our online store and let us bring the plants to you. There’s nothing better than optimizing your time at home like finger shopping on our website.

The Wine Drinker

The next gardener on the list comes in as the wine drinker. Let me just say that this particular gardener has a special place in my heart, because this gardener (embarrassingly enough) is me. You see this weekend as the perfect opportunity to blend all of your favourite things into one great Mimosa of an experience. The task of gardening, is equal to the gratification of the results. The idea of sitting in the garden all day with a glass of wine by your side is perfection.  For you, wine drinker, we have list of ways to enhance your gardening experience this weekend.


  • Come in and take advantage of our basket design service to perfect the colour balance and vibes in your yard.
  • Try and utilize our wide selection of vegetable plants to incorporate edible living into your home oasis. Who said veggie gardens have to be traditional? Go ahead, put those Tomatoes next to those Begonias.
  • Try and use perennials in such a way that you have blooms rolling all season long. Come in and pick our brains on how that can be done.

The Tea Drinker

The final gardener on our list breaks the mold a little and does not succumb to temptation like the rest of us. For they are the tea drinkers. The garden is their happy place all spring, and all summer. You are the prototypical green thumb, and in tune with mother nature like few others. To you, we offer no advice, for we are not deserving, we just bow towards you in the green and luscious glory that is your garden. The only thing we pass your way is this:


You just keep doing you.


No matter what type of gardener you are, this long weekend gives us that extra time to go through our gardens and spruce things up so we can better enjoy them all summer long. Our door is always open, so come on in, or take advantage of our online store to save you time, you deserve it.