Gardening At Your Cottage

The natural beauty and plant life found in Canada’s cottage country is enough to inspire any gardener.  A garden and a little landscaping can go a long in way in beautifying your home away from home’s exterior.

Gardening is a much simpler affair at the cottage. You want to keep your property as natural as possible to preserve the nature around you.

Go casual – The cottage garden is much more informal so relax with your layout. If you don’t want to spend your vacation watering and weeding, try to choose plants with requirements that closely match the conditions of your site. Go native—plants that are indigenous are more likely to survive without too much handholding. Drought resistant plants make an excellent choice, especially if you are at your retreat only on weekends. Plants to consider include Eastern White Cedar, White Pine, Gray Dogwood, Florida Dogwood, Sugar Maple, Downy Serviceberry, White Birch, Anemone Canadensis, and Engelmann’s Ivy to name a few.

Containers are your friends – Create a variety of styles, colours and sizes of different containers to decorate your deck, entrances, or even the dock. Play around and get creative, the possibilities are endless. Consider the Weekender Planter. It is a planter with a water reservoir for when you are not there.

Build up the shoreline – Most cottage waterfronts have been stripped of the native shrubs, trees, grasses and other plants that act as a buffer and stop erosion. Replanting these native species is one of the best things you can do for your lake.  Most of these plants are low maintenance so once planted you can sit back and enjoy the view.


You don’t have to leave the pleasures of gardening behind when you venture out of the city.  Bring along your passion for plants to your getaway spot!