Why We Love Evergreens

It’s hard to imagine a winter without beautiful evergreen conifer trees providing us with constant protection, beauty and gifts to see us through the cold months ahead.

Since evergreens continue to produce throughout the year, they are largely responsible for supporting wildlife during the winter.  Berries, nuts and cones are essential to wildlife, while birds can be sheltered within the foliage.

Backdrop – You can create a beautiful backdrop you can enjoy all year round. By choosing different varieties you can vary the shades of green to create a very pleasing display.  Dark green varieties will accentuate bright colours and will enhance your fall coloured shrubs or trees.

Borders – Outline your beds and paths with dwarf versions that will accentuate these key areas of landscape design all year round.

Groundcover– Low lying species of spreading evergreen can create a beautiful carpet of green when needed.

Hide areas of your home – Have some unsightly areas around your home you would rather not see all the time? Evergreens are a great way to hide your homes foundation, water faucets, water meters and any other area you may not like.

Reduce Energy Cost– Keep cold winter winds from pulling all the heat from your home with a windbreak. Plant evergreen trees on the north or east side of your home and watch your savings grow.

Privacy –One of the most common ways to use evergreens is as a screen in the landscape.

Living Fencing with Evergreen Hedges

Create private outdoor living spaces, buffer noise, or block wind with an evergreen hedge. These top plant picks to make your choice easy.


Cedars are the number one choice for an evergreen hedge.  They are virtually disease and pest resistant and make a great screen, windbreak, muffle sound or to create privacy.

Boxwood sets the standard for formal clipped hedges. Its ability to withstand frequent shearing and shaping into perfect geometric forms makes this evergreen a popular border plant. You can also let it grow tall to provide a screen.

Yews are adaptable to sun or shade, yew is a versatile evergreen with few pest problems as long as it has good soil drainage. Many varieties are available, with mounded to upright growth from 5 to 10 feet tall.  It withstands shearing, making it popular for formal hedges.

Spruce can grow up to 60 feet, making a solid hedge for privacy and wind break.