Garden Seeds And Grass Seeds

Seeds are the basis for all plant life on earth. For millennia, mankind has worked to continually improve the seeds we use to grow crops that feed and nourish our communities and improve our lives.

Food security begins in your backyard. When you choose to grow from seed, you know that your food has not been genetically modified or engineered. You can also believe that your harvest has not been grown with chemicals.

Flowers from Seed ??

Very often we think only of growing vegetables from seed, but flower seeds are just as easy to start and you’ll have a greater choice of variety and color, if you are willing to start your own.

Now is a good time for sowing grass seed.

With seed, one has a larger selection of species available. Different mixes are available for sun or shade, disease resistance and soil type.  Turf develops in the environment in which it will live, and the cost compared to sod is much lower.