Winter Gardening

When you choose a tree, shrub, or perennial for your garden, you want to pick one that offers more than one season of interest. It is always worth bearing in mind what it will look like in the middle of winter.

Here are a few suggestions of shrubs and trees that you will be able to admire on cold days from the warmth of your home:

Burning Bush is famous for its exuberant red colour from late August through fall.  Its red berries attract birds and brighten the winter landscape.


Hydrangeas may not bloom in winter, but their big, gorgeous bunches of flowers can be left on all winter like outdoor dried flower bouquets.

Yucca of all things, this desert plant is one of the best for providing interest in the depth of winter.  Not only is it evergreen, but its spiky blue-grey leaves are tall enough to convey their dramatic character through all but the deepest snowfall.

Boxwood is a deciduous evergreen that has the ability to be shaped or hedged which catches the snow and provide special form and structure.

Red Osier Dogwood may be what you’re looking for! A beautiful sight of red branches emerging from the snow.

Often these branches can be clipped and used in your holiday decorations and displays.