Hydrangeas: A Gardeners Go-To

One group of plants that has a near universal appeal among gardeners is the Hydrangea.  A symbol of summer, hydrangeas burst into bloom around July, making them a classic choice for foundations, flowering hedges, cut flower arrangements and billowy borders. But why stop there! Hydrangeas come in so many forms, heights and flower shapes that they’re one of the most useful plants with which to design all around the garden.


The 5 most common

Varieties are:


1. Hydrangea arborescens like the famous Annabelle – Annabelle is a hardy stunning white hydrangea; often producing heads over 10” in diameter.


2. Hydrangea macrophylla, such as the Forever series – This series of Hydrangea is sure to enthuse those who appreciate rich floral displays.  These varieties offer new forms of outstanding double flowers, large rounded and prolific.


3. Hydrangea quercifolia, an oakleaf variety such as Ruby Slippers.  A profusion of exceptionally large, white blooms in summer quickly age to deep pink.

Robust blooms remain upright even after heavy rains.


4. Hydrangea paniculata, such as Limelight offer huge, football-shaped flowers that open in an elegant celadon green that looks fresh and clean in summer’s heat. The blooms age to an array of pink, red, and burgundy. Hydrangea petiolaris, a Cadillac of vines, feature large, fragrant clusters of white flowers that bloom in late spring and summer against a backdrop of dark green, heart-shaped foliage.


Hydrangeas are not only easy to grow but are also quite hardy and resistant to most pests and diseases, making it even easier to care for them.

At Baltimore Valley we are pleased to offer over 25 varieties of Hydrangeas.  With so many to choose from, you’re certain to find one that’s right for you!