Veggie gardens: 5 reasons why we love them

Plant It, Grow it, Eat It!

Those who have tasted a summer tomato sun-sweetened on the vine or a crisp cucumber plucked from under the leaves that nourished it know the intense flavor of fresh-picked produce is unrivaled by anything found in a supermarket

Here are some reasons to inspire and encourage you to try your hand at growing your own food.

1. Health

You know exactly what you are eating! You are reducing the risk of eating vegetables that contain harmful chemicals. Eating vegetables from your own garden are higher in nutrients than the ones that have traveled several thousands miles to get to your grocery store.Their vitamin content will be a their highest levels as you bite into them straight from the garden.

2. Taste

Homegrown fruits and vegetables simply taste better than produce that’s been allowed to ripen in trucks during transport and sit on store shelves before you’re ready to eat it.

3. Savings

Your grocery bill will shrink as you begin to stock your pantry with fresh produce from your backyard

4. Education

Children learn where vegetables come from, how they grow and what they look like. Growing vegetables with your children is likely to encourage them to eat more vegetables. They learn how to prepare vegetables for eating from scratch.

5. Personal satisfaction

When it comes to self-sufficiency, there is nothing more elemental than being able to feed oneself and there is nothing more local than food grown in your own backyard.

Nothing can give you a better sense of accomplishment than growing your own vegetables. To know that you have placed a seed or a plant in the soil, and cared for it throughout its growth, can be a very gratifying experience.

At Baltimore Valley we take pride in the selection and quality of vegetables we offer to our customers. We do our very best to keep a constant supply of vegetable plants in stock, including a wide variety of seed potatoes. Let us help you discover the fun and satisfaction of growing your own food.