Why we love annuals

Annuals are all-stars in the garden! They use their limited time wisely by filling it with vigorous growth and outstanding blooms. They are incredibly versatile plants, suitable for containers, window boxes, climbing on a structure, and in flowerbeds.

Consider the following when planting annuals in your garden:


1. Annuals show themselves best when planted in groups, so try to plant a minimum of 3 plants together so that each group overlaps with the one beside it creating a unified flow.

2. Use annuals to fill in sparse spots for a lush mature look when perennials are not yet in bloom or shrubs are just filling in.

3. Annuals are an important source of food for bees and butterflies.

4. Use annuals for fresh or dried flower arrangements.


At Baltimore Valley, we have an extraordinary selection of annuals to choose from, including planted hanging baskets of various sizes, planted containers and window boxes. We have experienced staff that can help you with starting your new plant palette this year.